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“Between my wife’s family and mine, we have a retired police chief and police captain, a state trooper, and two FBI special agents. I ordered one out of interest and to see if any active family members would like one. It arrived this morning. I’m not the tallest guy and it fit me perfectly. So when my 6′ 3″ nephew stopped by on his way home from his shift today I had him check it out. It fit and worked perfectly him too. It is 92 degrees here today so the timing was right. He loved it! So easy to use, very lightweight and well made. The way it lets air under the vest is instant relief on hot, humid and sticky days. I’d say you’d never know you’re wearing it, but you can’t miss the welcomed air. No more opening vests to let the air in on these steamy days.”

– A Dog’s Life 

Hello, I’ve been a PO for about 2 years now and served 8 years in the army so I have a little bit of experience with outer vest carriers. I am fortunate enough to work with the creator of the bluhalo (stand up guy) so I was one of the first to try one. I’m a gear geek and have to say I am very impressed!! Going on my second full month of wearing it everyday at work and couldn’t be more pleased. Kept me nice and dry during the 15 days straight of protests.

– Nathan T. 

“Ok, so I was one of the first to purchase this from the inventor. I received it just before the recent uprisings in Chicago, which put us on 12 hour days in 95 degree weather. The BluHalo was a god send. A person of a little heavier stature, such as me, had a very hot day made bearable. I fully recommend this product and am glad that I had it to put through this trial.”

– Great Relief 

“Bought mine pre Amazon, one of the first ones made..Absolutely love it..very effective during the hot days or nights..a few pumps and boom..Very easy to install the velcro onto the inside of your exterior vest carrier..just an iron is needed…the pump conveniently fits on the side velcro thanks to the adhesive velcro..love that you can lock in the air with one turn of a switch, release the air from the bladders with one push of a button..release the button when you want to let enough air for your liking..Personally I love mine fully inflated most of the time. Worth every penny..I highly recommend it!….you are a genius Gareth!..stay safe brother.”

– Jennifer 

“Purchased the item pre Amazon. I work corrections and wear a stab vest daily along with a ballistic vest on hospital trips. Product is well made and easy to use. Gets the air flowing real good under the vest when out in the heat and sun. And having the ability to make vest deflate in a second is spot on. It’s a must on those muggy summer days. Well done.”

– Maciej

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